MRE SystemSettings is a program to configure your system under AmigaOS; you are able to
  • start preference programs and edit config files,
  • view and change assigns and
  • view and change environment variables.
So it offers a fast and easy to use platform that ist not included in AmigaOS. And it is freeware!
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System requirements:

  • at least Amiga OS 3.5 (because SystemSettings uses Reaction; of course it will run on OS 3.9)


V2.20, 05.04.01:
  • some bugs removed, tested under OS 3.9 BoingBag 1!
  • assigns can be added/removed to/from user-startup
  • variables can be added/removed
  • nicer images for showing / hiding programs
  • new tooltypes: specify the position and size of the window
Changes since V2.05:
  • programs and files are handled in one browser
  • programs can be grouped and started via Workbench, AREXX, CLI
  • also dawers can be inserted
  • assigns and variables are only loaded when needed
  • assigns can be reloaded and sorted by name or path
  • assigns can be "opened"
  • appwindow functionality: drop files in the programs/assigns/settings page
  • ASCII-filter, "drawers first" and reload possibility for variables
  • entering values changed: with programs and variables, RETURN will accept the name/filename/value, to add a program click on "new" and then change its properties
  • MainPrefs is now compatible with HappyENV (the variables are not copied to ENV:, but the directories are created if you open them)
  • all variables can be edited with a text editor
  • new settings page with new option "save changes at exit"
  • improved asynchronous help
Changes since V2.0:
  • removed several bugs (no more "dh1:log", late assigns are now shown correct, "assign" with empty gadgets will no more reboot your amiga ... )
  • additional tooltypes "HELPFILE" and "PREFSFILE"
  • help key shows help, string gadgets can be cycled via TAB
  • Polish, Hungarian, Spanish, French and Turkish translation
Changes since V1.0:
  • added assign-management
  • changed the adding of files and programs
  • Italian translation


SystemSettings (MainPrefs) V 2.2146 KB
See also the
MRE page for a locale archive of your language.


Please install the current version, look into the manual, then read the
MRE FAQ and the following if necessary; if your problem is not yet solved, use the support formular.

Proposals for the next version:

  1. Improved handling